Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Stone Unturned by Ariana Rose

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Author: Ariana Rose

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About No Stone Unturned:

The enemies of my past are everywhere. My demons are trying to take over me but for the first time in my life, I have something worth fighting for. I let her go once, but I’ll be damned if it ever happens again. I begged her to have faith, now she’s finally ready to take a leap with me. I will be here to catch her with open arms. This is our time. This is our life. This is our love. I will leave NO STONE UNTURNED to keep her safe from harm. She is MINE. Now and forever.  

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Alexandra lowers her shoulder to where it’s still out of my reach. Her mouth opens and closes several times before the floor falls out from beneath me. “I have to, Julian. I’ve decided to go home. I called my father. He’s got a job at his office waiting for me.”
“Home? Atlanta is your home. Minneapolis is not your home anymore. No! You can’t leave!”
Alexandra’s voice becomes so soft and strained I can barely make out her words. “It’s for the best, Julian. It will be less complicated for you, and I won’t die a little inside every day, watching you with her.”
No, it won’t be less complicated for me. It’s everything I don’t want. I have so much to tell her and nothing will come out. I run my hands through my hair, managing to choke out, “This is not how it’s supposed to be.”
The words that should have been an inner monologue now linger between us. She quickly snaps back, “Maybe not, but this is how you made it. You chose.”
She’s not wrong. If I’d stood up sooner, if I’d been the man my mother thinks I am, the man I know I should be, we wouldn’t be here in this moment.
“Julian…this is goodbye.”
That word. That one word sends my brain into overdrive. Don’t let her go. It’s all I can think.
I can hardly breathe. I take one step after another toward her until I pin her against our pillar again. Cupping her face gently in my hands, I lean down and kiss her. This isn’t like any kiss we’ve had before. This is not the lust or the love. This is both. It is simply the most important kiss of our lives.
I hear her shoes hit the ground beside us. Her hands release her resistance and slide up my back, and she sighs softly. I break our connection to give the air back to our lungs. I know in this instant I cannot, and will not, let her go again.

About Turn To Stone: I needed to repair the cracks in the foundation of my soul. Find the strength to overcome. I needed a new city. A new job. Something that would take me away from everything and everyone that chained me down in my past. He needed the same things as I did, but his nightmares were bleeding into everything he touched. He was living his dream by day, and haunted by his past at night. For the first time in my life, I wanted to leap head first into the unknown. And when I did, he caught me. We could be the key to tearing down the walls within ourselves. Together, our broken parts could finally be made whole.

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About Ariana Rose:

Ariana, a full time working mother of two children and one fur baby from Minnesota, took charge of her dream and published her first novel in 2018. As a figure skater, lover of sports, television, all things 80s, and music, she is an eclectic soul with a zest for travel and history. She is a firm believer in following your heart and in knowing that without a doubt, passion is never a bad thing.

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